Indianapolis Tea Party

Indianapolis Tea Party

We are Back to our Grassroots Name

Bookmark this site: to keep up with your Indiana Tea Party news!  We are the same people and the same faces with the same mission who brought you the following events:

·  Indianapolis Tax Day Tea Party at the Indiana Statehouse 
·  Independence Day Tea Party at White River State Park, Indianapolis
·  Many Health Care and Cap/Trade Protest Rallies
·  Formation of Indiana Patriot Coalition (of several freedom groups in Indiana)
·  Counter-Protests at the State Capitol
·  Protests in front of the Media Outlets
·  Co-Host of September 4 Multi-State Event in Cincinnati
·  9/12 Washington, DC, Bus Trip & March on DC
·  October 2009 Cap-N-Trade Debate at Butler University
·  October 31st Indianapolis Neighborhood Tea Party
·  Director's Film Event Premiere:  NOT EVIL JUST WRONG  (Cap & Trade Educational)


·  Young Voter's Start-Up Meeting
·  Co-Host of Lake County Tea Party & Senatorial Candidate Forum
·  Initiated a Statewide Day to get Signatures for Senatorial Candidates
·  "Call to Action" Meeting to get new Volunteers for the Tea Party Movement
·  Co-hosted Activist Training Session with American Family Association of Indiana
·   Tea Party Primer in Anderson, Indiana
·  3-15 "Kill the Healthcare Bill Rally" at the Statehouse with featured speaker Congressman Mike Pence
·  Tax Day Tea Party 4-15-2010 - Rally at the Indiana Statehouse
·  Hosted a Senatorial Candidate Debate in Indianapolis & Meet/Greet for 4th District Candidates
·  Hosted an Educational Seminar with State Auditor Tim Berry to learn about Indiana's Financial Situation
·  Hosted 2 buses to the 9/12 March on DC
·  Started a nationwide awareness program for Discharge Petition No. 11 to assist with repeal of the Healthcare Law
·  Hosted a Campaign Door to Door Party for a Steering Committee member of our tea party who is running for a seat in the Statehouse
·  10-15-10:  "Get Out the Vote Rally" in Plainfield, IN
·  10-23-10:  Education Seminar:  "The Role of the Indiana Secretary of State"
·  11-06-10:  Seminar to create a local group in Hamilton County (northern suburbs of Indianapolis)
·  11-27-10:  Flash Rally:  Protest Dream Act
·  12-03/04   1st Session for 2-day Seminar:  US Constitution Training Seminar for all Legislators
·  12-10/11   2nd Session for 2-day Seminar: US Constitution Training Seminar for all Legislators

·  January 3 Continue to help Hamilton County get Tea Party group started and organized
·  January 28: Co-Host School Choice Town Hall with Dick Morris and WIBCs Greg Garrison
·  February 7 Hamilton County Tea Party meeting
·  February 25 Flash Rally Protest - Dems Get Back to Work!
·  March 14 Indianapolis Tea Party North Start-up Meeting
·  Tax Day Tea Party Rally 4-15-2011-Rally at the Indiana Statehouse
·  September 7 - Kickoff of Statewide "This is MY House" 2012 Campaign
·  September 22 - Rev CL Bryant and INDPLS Tea Party live on "Afternoons with Amos" to discuss Who is the Tea Party?
·  October 21-23 - Hosted booth at Indy 1500 Gun & Knife Show to educate Hoosiers on THIS IS MY HOUSE campaign 
· November 28 - Indianapolis Tea Party sits on panel at IUPUI "The Symposium" to discuss government distrust.  There were different views that were represented for the evening.

· January 9 - Co-sponsored a meeting w/ IN. Sec. of State Co-General Counsel to discuss volunteer positions on Election Day, Election Board info, & How to become a candidate
· January 13-15 - Hosted booth at Indy 1500 Gun & Knife Show to educate Hoosiers on THIS IS MY HOUSE campaign
· February 27 - Co-hosted Values Bus tour w/ Heritage Foundation & Family Research Council
· April 14 - Indianapolis Tax Day Tea Party Rally at the Westin Hotel
· May 14 - Co-hosted renowned Indiana Attorney Karl Mulvaney to discuss the judicial nominee process for the Indiana Supreme Court
·June 23 & June 24 - Hosted 2-Day Plainfield Constitution Institute Seminar
·September 15 & September 16 - Hosted 2-Day Carmel Constitution Institute Seminar
·October 20 - AFP-Indiana & Partnering Organizations Present the 'Hoosier Freedom Summit'


·January 26 & January 27 - Co-hosted 2-day Greenfield Constitution Institute Seminar w/ Tea Party of Hancock County



We have only just begun, so fasten your seatbelts!

We will need your help as we continue to grow in the central Indiana area and continue to network with the other great Tea Party/9-12 groups throughout the state.

Let's make a difference in our communities!

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